Southbridge Slow Electronics


Southbridge is the label for the musical genre of Slow Electronics. We are concerned with decoding and resisting crypto-fascist patriarchal Power Electronics. We believe in the process of slowness in terms of processing power, data streams and carefully considered recursions folding in on themselves through ’screeching waves of feedback, analogue synthesizers making sub-bass pulses or high frequency squealing sounds, and screamed, distorted, often engaged and relatively unknown lyrics.’

We consider most Power Electronics to be celebrations of structures of domina(nce|tion) and a performance of the open embrace of shadow self that often surfaces as a sort of “extreme” shadow play of sexual violence.

We read Power Electronics according to this interpretation and respond to it on those terms. We hope that this opens conversation, because while we are familiar with explanations by some Power Electronics artists of their intents and strategies we feel that on the whole these intents and strategies have a tendency to go largely unquestioned and spin out of the realm of open questions thru self-parody and into acquiescence.

This is one of the Southbridge points of origin. Another important vector we travel is concerned more with experimental strategies (for|of) slowness as a way to work+play between the cracks of various technologies, especially audio technologies. We use electromechanical sound + devices that can be slowed down i.e. the turntables we use for our radio show that go to -60% speed, obsolete software to modify playback in realtime to .01% speed, a speculative cassette player that can be cranked by hand, or the ‘southbridge‘ on a computer motherboard which connects the processor to the ‘slow electronics‘ like the snd card + keyboard…

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