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Southbridge Slow Electronics SUNDAY NOV 13 2011!

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Fortieth Day with Noise Crush (aka Lisa Slodki)

LORI Felker

and Southbridge Slow Electronics DJs (Jake Elliott and jonCates)

13 November 2011

7 PM

Empty Bottle

1035 N. Western Ave.

Chicago, IL




jonCates & I organized a show this Sunday Nov 13th at the Empty Bottle with Southbridge artist LORI Felker and and local doom audio/video punishers The Fortieth Day + Noise Crush. Jon & I will be DJing. It’s $3 and starts at 7pm.

For a long time we’ve been wanting to organize a show featuring music in the genre of Slow Electronics, as an outgrowth of our label Southbridge & our weekly radio show Slow Electronics (on LORI Felker was the first artist aside from Jon & I to release a record on our label. We draw a lot of inspiration from her as well as The Fortieth Day (aka Mark Solotroff & Isidro Reyes) + Noise Crush (aka Lisa Slodki, who’s working on an upcoming release for Southbridge) so this is really exciting for us! I hope you can come out, and even if you can’t I hope you’ll help us out by spreading the word!


The murky improv rock duo THE FORTIETH DAY, comprised of ISIDRO REYES (BLOODYMINDED) and MARK SOLOTROFF (ANATOMY OF HABIT and BLOODYMINDED) return to close your weekend/kick off your week with an unholy rumble. Utilizing guitar, bass, drum machine and analog synthesizer to create epic, blackened, psychedelic-industrial drone soundscapes, FORTIETH DAY has been likened to “sustained, withering blasts of high-pitched noise that are as distinct from one another as spotlights sweeping across the night sky; jackhammer clatter, jet-engine whines and forlorn keyboard melodies dart in and out of those huge sounds with
the grace and impunity of plovers picking a crocodile’s teeth,” by the Chicago Reader. Light Makes Music, LORI FELKER’s first release on Southbridge Slow Electronics, is a solo 16mm film projector-based audio/visual work cut to vinyl utilizing modified 16mm projectors and hand-processed film strips to create dense noise and dynamic soundscapes – a work that truly must be experienced live to be fully appreciated. SOUTHBRIDGE SLOW ELECTRONICS DJs offer sounds throughout the night. The focus of the label is “decoding and resisting crypto-fascist patriarchal Power Electronics. We believe in slowness in terms of processing power, data streams and feedback both analogue and digital.” Get ready for some mind-expansion here tonight.

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