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LORI Felker – Light Makes Music – now available for preorder

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LIGHT MAKES MUSIC – [slow_two]
LORI Felker
a new solo release on Southbridge Slow Electronics!

LIGHT MAKES MUSIC is LORI Felker’s first release on Southbridge, a 7″ limited edition vinyl in handmade packaging designed by Felker and hand-printed by Angee Lennard of Spudnik Press. Felker’s LIGHT MAKES MUSIC is a new solo 16mm film projector-based audio/visual work cut to vinyl. In this record, which recreates the experience of a children’s audio lesson on the interrelations of sound and light, Felker uses modified 16mm film projectors and hand-processed film strips to create dense noise and dynamic soundscapes. Felker previously collaborated with Cotton Museum, Weasel Walter and others on her Bild Quilt DVD (Ordnung, 2005).

PREORDER NOW for $15 and pick up at the limited LIVE PRIVATE PREMIERE PERFORMANCE EVENT on MAY 20 2011 @ ENEMY in Chicago

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